School for Ukrainian Refugees in Hungary

With the help of UCAP’s capital contribution as well as ongoing financial support for teacher’s salaries, a new school dedicated to Ukrainian children in Budapest launched ahead of the 2023-2024 academic year. Operated by the House of Ukrainian Traditions, this institution offers a nurturing educational setting, delivering a well-rounded curriculum that respects and celebrates the Ukrainian culture for young refugees. UCAP’s timely assistance played a crucial role in making this endeavor possible. The school has emerged as a cornerstone in providing stability and a strong sense of belonging for its students while cultivating a supportive community among students, educators, and families.

Thanks to your support, 130 children are now receiving education in their native Ukrainian language in Hungary. Despite the challenges of war and adjusting to a new environment, these children have shown remarkable resilience, making impressive strides in their studies and embracing the opportunity to advance their learning.