Educational course for teachers

“The Impact of Trauma and How It Affects Behavior and Learning: What Teachers Should Know” is a web-based, interactive course developed by the Ukraine Children’s Action Project (UCAP) and the National Center for Disaster Preparedness of the Climate School, Columbia University. The course takes a “trauma-informed education” approach. The concept of “trauma-informed education” provides information and tools to address the needs of children who have been traumatized – and whose behavior will often impede the flow of the classroom and/or a student’s learning.

This course will focus on how teachers and other educators can develop trauma-informed practices and interventions in their classrooms to assist in the support and healing of students who have experienced traumatic events, especially those related to war and dislocation. While participating in the course, learners will be presented with relevant content, supplemented by knowledge checks and interactive activities, and a list of useful resources in the Educators Resource slide.

The course consists of four self-paced modules:
Module 1: Introduction to Trauma.
Module 2: What are the symptoms of a traumatized child?
Module 3: How educators can support children who have experienced trauma.
Module 4: What can be done in the classroom and school to incorporate trauma-informed practices and policies?