“We Are Ukraine” (WAU) Program

UCAP has been working with members of President Zelensky’s Ministry of Education and Science (Minister and Deputy Minister in the photo) to create an exciting and engaging online education app for children and youth designed to underscore the national roots of Ukraine’s child refugees with the language, history, and culture of their homeland. The “We Are Ukraine” (WAU) program will be a powerful resource for fostering Ukrainian identity within the diaspora and facilitating ongoing connections with peers throughout the region.  We’re excited to report that UCAP’s seed funding is supporting the preliminary design and creation of a working prototype of the WAU application, which will be enhanced as part of the next phase of development and funding. And the Ministry is working with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to help introduce this project to a broad group of stakeholders. It is critically important for Ukraine’s future that all its children, youth, and families look forward to returning to help in the recovery and restoration of their country.