Pediatric Expert Exchange Program 

The Pediatric Expert Exchange Program (PEEP) is a partnership between the Saint Nicolaus Children’s Hospital (SNH) in Lviv, one of the major medical facilities currently serving pediatric trauma victims in Ukraine and the Children’s Hospital of Montefiore (CHAM) in NYC.

Relying on the breadth and depth of CHAM’s pediatric subspecialty expertise, the hospital has developed 2 components of the expert exchange program:

First, CHAM has worked with SNH to create virtual case presentations and teaching sessions to share knowledge in a number of critical areas in pediatric medicine. They have developed virtual mini-summits where CHAM physicians share expertise in the following four medical specialties identified by SNH as priority areas:    Kidney Transplantation,  Thyroid Disorders,  Epilepsy and  Rehabilitative Medicine.

Secondly,  UCAP will support 10 SNH Ukrainian pediatric subspecialists who will travel to CHAM in NYC to visit and study in one-month blocks of pediatric observerships of latest techniques and procedures utilized in subspecialty services and treatment.