Genius Olympiad

UCAP is proud to sponsor 25 of the 51 Ukrainian youth in the 2024 GENIUS Olympiad in New York, supporting their journey to this prestigious event. The GENIUS Olympiad is an engaging international competition that showcases high school projects demonstrating ingenuity and creativity in addressing environmental issues.

Founded and organized by Terra Science and Education and hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Olympiad provides a platform for young minds to tackle critical environmental challenges through disciplines such as science, business, creative writing, art, music, and robotics. It stands as a beacon of innovation and global collaboration, with this year’s competition attracting representatives from an impressive 65 countries.

A total of 2452 projects from all countries were submitted this year and 30% were accepted for the international competition.

Incredibly, the country that submitted the highest number of projects to the GENIUS Olympiad was Ukraine, with 786 projects.

The United States submitted 637 projects, South Korea 335, Kyrgyzstan with 145, China with 62 projects, Vietnam with 36 projects, and Indonesia with 32 projects.

And this was a year where all students throughout Ukraine had to pursue these goals while their education was interrupted regularly by air alerts, relocation and virtual learning. What an incredible accomplishment.