Plast – Ukrainian Scout Organization in Poland

UCAP is proud to support Plast, the Ukrainian Scout Organization in Poland, which organizes several programs for refugee children across the country. Plast camps offer refugee children safe, welcoming spaces to connect with peers who share similar experiences and maintain their connection to Ukraine during these challenging times.

Thanks to UCAP’s ongoing support in 2024, nearly one thousand children will benefit from enhanced programs at various Plast centers this summer.

UCAP funding will subsidize Plast summer camp fees to reduce parents’ costs, allowing more children to attend. The new funding will also provide essential supplies for regular scouting activities, such as arts and crafts, across 10 Plast centers in cities including Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Poznań, and Gdańsk. We also continue to fund Ukrainian Domivka centers in Warsaw and Lublin, enabling Plast to conduct classes on Ukrainian culture and traditions.

UCAP co-founder Karen Redlener is pictured here with UCAP advisory board member Joan Baez during their visit to Plast Warsaw in June 2023.