Kids Club: Dar’ya

Kids Club is a youth enrichment center in Lviv, Ukraine, serving displaced children from embattled cities in eastern Ukraine. The center provides essential resources to address the educational delays these children have experienced during the war and to enhance their preparation for school or university.

Hello! My name is Darya! I am 16 years old. I am from Kharkiv, but because of the war, I have lived in Lviv for 2 years. I like reading, walking, traveling, and doing handmade. Next year, I am going to take the ZNO exam, so I have started getting ready for it. I have been participating in English, Math, and Ukrainian at the Children and Youth Enrichment Center for several months. I really like communicating with the teachers and my peers. Thanks to this center, I gain new knowledge and practice the knowledge I have already gained. It gives me confidence in my future challenges!

Ongoing Projects