Recovery Camp Stories: Vavara from Kherson

UCAP-funded Recovery Camps provide support for traumatized children and mothers who have been displaced from eastern and southern parts of Ukraine under siege.

Vavara, 8 years old, and mother Sidorska Victoria from Kherson, Ukraine

For my family personally, Recovery Camp is more than a camp!

My family was lucky enough to get there in October 2022. At that time, it was difficult to experience moments in life: leaving the occupation, leaving home, our relatives remained in the occupied territory. The man volunteered to defend our independence and freedom! It seemed that I was alone on the whole planet with their problems and experiences.

The daughter closed in on herself and did not make contact at all. She had no friends or communication. She was afraid to be frank in front of the children. But the camp gave us a second breath! All families are in the same conditions with similar experiences! Varvara received huge support from the children!

Personally, I received not just support, but hugs and help from everyone present!

The psychologists did a very good job and made it clear that everything that happened has already happened! And you have to go on, and you have to do it with a smile! The most important thing is that our thoughts attract actions!

After visiting the camp. My life has completely changed! From a boring accountant, I became a cheerful, positive wife and mother!

The daughter became very sociable and stopped being afraid of children.

You are the best team !!!

– Sidorska Victoria

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