Q&A: Anya from Kharkiv

Anya is a 16-year-old refugee from Kharkiv.

With the support of UCAP, the Ukrainian education network “MRIYDIY” runs a weekend education program in Warsaw, Poland. The program helps Ukrainian refugee high school students prepare for the critical Ukrainian National exam necessary for graduation and eligibility for college education. Topics include Ukrainian language, mathematics, the history of Ukraine, and English. In addition to serving as a high-quality educational platform, the MRIYDIY education program also helps ensure that these Ukrainian youth preserve their identity and educational opportunities despite being displaced by war.

Where are you studying now?
Currently, I am enrolled at the Materynka school.

Tell me about yourself.
I am actively learning English and Polish, and back in Ukraine, I used to enjoy pop dancing.

How is your life in Poland?
Initially, I liked independently in Poland for a year, attending the PLON KLASYK Catholic Lyceum. Now, I reside with my mother and sister while attending the Ukrainian school Materynka.

Feedback about the NMT training center:
I am thrilled to have joined the NMT preparation program as I was uncertain how to prepare on my own. The teacher provides clear explanations whenever something isn’t clear, and the review of previous lessons is invaluable for NMT preparation. Time flies by quickly during class, which speaks to its engaging nature.

Ongoing Projects