Boyko Family, Donetsk Region

UCAP has partnered with the MOM plus ME Charitable Foundation to provide urgent relief to orphanages throughout Ukraine. In January 2024, they organized a week-long “Happy Boot Camp” for 12 foster families and 65 kids with their foster parents from different regions of Ukraine.

The Boyko family-type orphanage is located in the city of Sloviansk, Donetsk region. The family is currently raising five orphans: Viktor, 16; Daria, 15; Maria, 14; Tymur,12; and Roman, 8.

At the beginning of the war, the family left Sloviansk under shelling and evacuated abroad to Germany. Later, they returned to Ukraine and settled in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The family is still grieving the loss of their son Oleksandr, who died heroically in the war. Because of this and the constant stress of the war, all the children have a difficult psycho-emotional state.

The Happy Boot Camp gave the children an opportunity to distract from their grief and reboot, to receive positive energy that restores their faith in the best. The youngest boy, Roman, was taken into a family during the training camp. The camp’s team-building activities and friendly atmosphere helped Roman adapt to his new family faster. The children were able to spend time together and receive inspiration, support, and gifts for their learning and development. Meetings with opinion leaders motivated them to believe in themselves and gave them an unforgettable experience. Career guidance activities allowed children to learn more about different professions and try their hand at applied and humanitarian fields.

“Most of all, I enjoyed meeting the stars, playing football and volleyball. I would like to wish the children to be beautiful and healthy” – Tymur, 12

Ongoing Projects