Recovery Camp Stories: Leonid & Klim, brothers from Kharkiv

UCAP-funded Recovery Camps provide support for traumatized children and mothers who have been displaced from eastern and southern parts of Ukraine under siege.

Leonid, 9, and brother Klim, 5
Kharkiv, Ukraine

I was definitely waiting for this opportunity to express my emotions and describe how our lives have changed.

We live in a city where rockets arrive first, and only then is the siren turned on. Therefore, our reality is that we wake up in the morning, and it’s already good! So good, but if you are responsible only for your life. And I was lucky twice in my life. I have two charming boys: Leonid, 9 years old—a rebel and a traveler—and Klym, 5 years old—cute and charming.

During the war, we did not go beyond our region, firstly, there was nowhere to go, secondly, we accepted the situation and decided that what will be will be.

On March 3, 2023, we unexpectedly had the opportunity to visit the Reсovery Camp. How have my children changed? They felt carefree, were truly children, and engaged in children’s activities. They were 100 percent engaged, cheerful, and happy.

How has my life changed? I saw that life exists, a slightly different life. I believed in myself and realized that I can change many things for myself and my children. Because no matter how hard it is, the lives of children will depend on the inner world of their parents, they are hostages of their parents.

– I learned to enjoy every day spent in the family circle during the war.

– Look at life from a different angle, don’t be afraid, overcome your own fears, and feel the support of kind, sensitive people with a sincere heart – Reсovery Camp taught me.

It seems as if it is possible in a week? Maybe, I say with confidence that it is possible! Girls-psychologists, I am sincerely grateful to you, everything that I promised you – I fulfilled!

I can confidently say that our family’s life has changed. We found the strength and the opportunity to move to a safer place. Now, the children go to a full-fledged school and kindergarten.

We warmly remember the entire team of the Recovery Camp and the Otaman Hotel, the morning exercise – the Robot, the talent show, games, singing, dancing, the fair, communication, and all the emotions we felt then, so that we don’t forget!

Because everything that is given to us in life is not for nothing, all events and meetings happen for something. This event in my life took place to return happiness to my children despite the terrible events, to find the strength to support my children, and to find a resource for myself.

Thank you very much everyone!

– Chirva Tatiana

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