Svyatoslav – 8 years old & Platon 6 years old

At the Recovery Camp, my two sons and I went through a huge journey of transformation that changed our lives forever. After the full-scale invasion began, the loss of my home, the internal displacement, I felt like my life had stopped. The gravity of the situation in the country and my personal situation fell on me, and I found myself on the verge of breaking down, not knowing how to continue living and how to ensure a happy future for my family.

The Recovery Camp became a ray of light in my life. This is a unique life-changing project. 
We met there not only a caring team, but also a whole community of people who understood our pain and suffering. The support we have received has been incredible.

The first days in the camp were difficult. I even thought about returning home, because the memory of the past pressed on my heart with an irresistible force. But I decided to stay, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life.

Communication with a psychologist who worked in the camp turned out to be an important step on the way to recovery. I was able to open my heart, listen and tell my story. I realized I was not alone, and it inspired me to focus on my own emotional state and healing.

Joint classes in yoga, pilates, art therapy and meditation helped me find inner peace and concentration. Every movement, every breath felt like an attempt to get rid of the heaviness 
of the past and find balance within myself. My sons also participated in activities

Walking this path together allowed me and my children to see each other from a new side. 
We have become closer, stronger and more harmonious. Every day in the camp was a new step towards recovery and self-discovery.

Returning home after the camp, at some point I felt that I had become a different person. Not only did I change my attitude towards the events of the past, but I also gained new knowledge and skills that helped me start a new phase in my life with full understanding and peace of mind.

The Recovery Camp did not just provide an opportunity to rest and recover, it changed lives. 
It became a place where I found myself, found joy and harmony again. This trip is the most significant for me, because it was the first step on the way to a new, happy life in new realities.

Sincere thanks to the entire team for this opportunity!

Sorokina Yevgenia Ihorivna
Svyatoslav – 8 years old & Platon – 6 years old
Donetsk region, city of Slovyansk

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